Two glass objects that are almost cone shaped. One is bright green with a clear dome at the end, and has four rounded grooves carved into the other end. The other is black with a yellow dome at the narrow end, and steps carved down the sides of the piece.
Artefact VI. All or Nothing. 2018
Blue, orange and yellow glass sculpture on a stainless steel frame. The glass has large blue cone pointing to the left, with an orange tube coming out of the end. A thin yellow tube curved up from this with a small blue cone on its end.
Artefact IV. You'll Fail. 2018
G;ass sculpte that looks like a ray gun. A bright blue tapered glass shape attaches to a pale green tube. Inside there is an opaque black section and on the base is a series of yellow bumps and a darker blue curved handle.
Artefact V. Aim Low. 2018
A glass sculpture made up of two constructed parts sitting on an engraved mirror. The front piece is a small black cone on top of a blue cylinder, with a striped white section at the front. Two clear discs sit on top with yellow and blue separating sections. The larger piece is a taller black cone with a large red dish on top. Black, white, pink and yellow pieces form an antenna sticking out from the dish.
Artefact VII. Mind Reader. 2019
Black carved glass sculture with pointed end and ridges
Artefact I. Avoid Avoid. 2017
Red, yellow and black glass sculpture
Artefact II. Spiral. 2017
Pink and orange glass scupture with pointed end and curled tail
Artefact III. Self-doubt. 2017



The Artefacts are a series of abstract objects depicting seductive but damaging thoughts and emotions. Tactile surfaces, rich colour and sensuous forms represent ideas and behaviours that are easy and attractive to accept and believe but which are ultimately harmful.

With the look of designed objects, the Artefacts have implied but ambiguous function. While each object has a relationship to the artist’s personal experiences, they are open to the interpretation of the viewer.