Steel green coloured glass decanter and two glasses
Deflate decanter and glasses in steel. Made to commission.
Blue glass decanter and glasses with apricot stopper in front of drawers with glass vases and stag skull
Deflate decanter, made to commission. Image: M Ostromecka
Detail of steel green glass decanter
Deflate decanter (detail)
Close up of steel green glass stopper
Deflate decanter stopper (detail)
Amber, grey and white glass vases in front of stag skull
Deflate vases. Image: M Ostromecka
Blown glass vases in green, amber, grey, white and aubergine
Deflate vases, 2017



Initially made for a private commission, these vessels push hot glass to its limits. The pieces are hand blown and then heated to the point of near-collapse, exploiting the unique fluidity and delicacy of glass combined with the varying saturation of transparent colour.

The vases are available in either a polished or sandblasted finish.